1. Water Safety In Lakes and Rivers

    Learn how to keep your family safe this summer when you’re enjoying all the lakes and rivers Colorado has to offer. Northern Colorado hosts some of the state’s best lakes and rivers. Here in Loveland, we have Boyd Lake, Lake Loveland, and Carter Lake to bask in the sun and get quality time in th…Read More

  2. The Perks of a Family Practice

    A family medicine clinic is crucial to the care we seek!   As the medical industry continues to innovate, more and more of their practices turn to solutions driven by technology which brings a new complexity to health care. It’s important as medical allies, both doctors and patients keep a relati…Read More

  3. Sun Safety (Part One)

    Sun safety is important year-round, but especially in the spring and summer seasons when the ultraviolet rays (UV) rays are more robust. The sun’s rays are nourishing and provide us with vital vitamin D, but too much — even as little as 15 minutes — can be harmful to your body and your skin. S…Read More