Learn how to keep your family safe this summer when you’re enjoying all the lakes and rivers Colorado has to offer.

Northern Colorado hosts some of the state’s best lakes and rivers. Here in Loveland, we have Boyd Lake, Lake Loveland, and Carter Lake to bask in the sun and get quality time in the water, while just north in Fort Collins there is Horsetooth Reservoir, the Cache La Poudre river, and Warren Lake — there is no shortage of water to paddleboard, fish, or swim in.  

At Huneycutt Family Medicine, water safety is always a large concern but especially in the summer when a cool dip in a pool, lake, or river is on top of everybody’s list! Learn all about summer water safety and how to keep everyone protected in today’s post. 

The Importance of Water Safety

We know that drowning is the leading cause of an injury-related death in children in those under four years old and in teens, so it’s vital that everyone in your family has basic water safety skills to prevent any accidents or injuries. 

Water Safety In Lakes And Rivers

Wherever there is a large body of water, water safety is critical especially in open bodies of water such as rivers and lakes where there are typically no lifeguards and adult supervision is limited.  

Hazards that you can encounter include:

  • Rapid weather changes such as thunder and lightening
  • Temperature changes in water and on land
  • Swift currents, rapids, and waves
  • Unexpected drop-offs in the water’s depth
  • Other people’s water activities such as boating or paddleboarding 

How To Keep Your Family Safe In Lakes And Pools

There are many safety precautions you can take as a parent, but it’s always important to arm your kids with the knowledge and skills to keep them safe in the water. Start with a dialogue of the importance of water safety and create a poster or sign you can hang on the fridge or in their rooms that go over the basics. Below are some additional water safety tips to consider.

Ensure that adult supervision is present – This is especially crucial for young kids, but teens too. Whether you and a friend are the taking the kids out for a lake day or they’re going with friends, ensure that someone you trust is going to be around and watching the kids. 

Ensure your kids have the proper swimming gear – Before going out, make sure your kids have water shoes to protect their feet from sharp rocks or debris, life jacket, or floaties. It’s never a bad thing to make your child wear a life jacket when in the water, especially if they’re younger or still learning swimming skills. If the beach area doesn’t get too deep, having floaties and inflatables they can use is another great option.

Impart a buddy system – Make sure your child is not going into the water alone and that they always have a buddy with them — this ensures someone is always looking out. When kids swim together, they can assist each other while having fun and alert an adult if there is ever an emergency. 

Being in and near the water makes some of the best summertime memories, so keep everyone safe by teaching water safety, making sure an adult is always present, getting your kid in the right protective swimming gear, and ensuring they always have a buddy. 

For more water safety information or to schedule an appointment, reach out to our Loveland office today!