Because junk light is the new junk food!


There are many facets that impact your physical health and now, studies are beginning to reveal, that ideal health goes well beyond just eating right and getting exercise.


Light may be just as important!


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The Facts on Junk Light


We’ve heard for years now how if you have issues with sleep, blue light could be impacting how you sleep. Junk light falls on these lights but encompasses all artificial light — it’s not that artificial light is inherently bad, it’s our overexposure to it. Since modern life has brought jobs where we sit in an office and at a computer for at least eight hours a day, science is finding a negative impact to our exposure. Not to mention, we then go home sit in front of the TV, play video games, and are glued to our phones. All of this is emitting junk light.


Because our bodies and our circadian rhythm are aligned with the rise and fall of the sun, overexposure to junk light can impinge our sleep-wake pattern. We’re sensitive to light and artificial light amplifies blue, green, and purple areas of the light spectrum, essential leaving us deficient in the other colors on the spectrum.


Junk Light and The Mitochondria


If you know the mitochondria, the powerhouse of the cell responsible for adding cellular energy to practically everything we do, and up until recently, what we knew about the mitochondria came from how it relates to nutrition — food gives us fuel and the mitochondria produces energy as result.


But now, research is beginning to gather that not is the mitochondria receptive to nutrition, but to light. How we’ve evolved thus far is early on we were only exposed to natural sunlight, and over time, we began to incorporate artificial light more and more.


This junk light is disrupting our cellular pathways. And, what was once only thought to affect our sleep (which is enough in and of itself) is now showing that our energy, metabolism, mood, and self-healing healing abilities are all be impacted.


So, it makes sense that junk light is the new junk food!  


Is junk light really affecting my health?


Our bodies crave — and require — deep, restful sleep and junk light disrupts sleep and creates a nasty cycle for the inability of the body to heal and recuperate. And, we’re exhausted all day!


Junk light has been associated with the following health concerns:


  • Headaches
  • Vision issues
  • Short-term memory loss
  • Mood disturbances (cortisol suppression)
  • Impaired immunity
  • Endocrine disruption
  • Weight issues
  • Anxiety


Improve Your Health By Ditching the Junk Light!


It’s just that easy, right?! Just as with eating a healthy diet and getting exercise, it takes some effort and involves changing your habits. It may seem overwhelming to add one more thing to add to your already full plate of wellness hacks, but we have to adapt to the stresses and challenges of our modern time.


Ditching junk light may be easier than you think!


  • Balance natural light with artificial light — get outside more!
  • Wear blue light and junk light blocking glasses when you’re at work.
  • Implement light therapy (giving your body infrared, yellow, and amber wavelengths).
  • Limit your electronic device usage, especially in the evening.


Are you ready to ditch the junk light?


Now that you have a better understanding of what junk light is and how it can impact your health, take steps to better eliminate it today!

Be your best and elevate your health and wellness with us today by scheduling a wellness exam!