A family medicine clinic is crucial to the care we seek!


As the medical industry continues to innovate, more and more of their practices turn to solutions driven by technology which brings a new complexity to health care. It’s important as medical allies, both doctors and patients keep a relationship, for better, more comprehensive care.


As patients, medical history is increasingly important, and researchers at the Journal of Health Affairs, have identified that patients with a family practitioner have a higher level of care, lower overall health-care costs, and better management of chronic diseases.  


At Huneycutt Family Medicine, we are Loveland’s leading family medicine clinic and we seek an individual relationship with all of our patients for the best care. Join us as we explore the perks of a family practice.

Making The Switch to Being a Primary Patient!


The age gap between 21 and 35 is the age group least likely to receive care from a family medicine clinic. Why is this? The thought is, is that this is a time in a person’s life when they’ve graduated from college and are phased out of their parent’s health insurance.


It’s also a time of exploration — traveling the world and moving from city-to-city — for some, life in their early 20s has some instability as you can move from job-to-job, so finding a primary care physician isn’t a top priority.


Because this age group is still quite healthy and annual health care practices such as a mammogram or colonoscopy aren’t recommended, they can avoid medical care and seek it more as an a la carte service — urgent care when they need antibiotics, OB/GYN for wellness exams, and the optometrist for any vision concerns.


While this is one approach to health care, seeking a family medical clinic and investing in a primary care physician has its perks! Let’s explore them below!




Even if you’re at a point in your life where you could uproot and move any time, keeping a family practitioner provides consistency. When you regularly see a primary care physician, you build a rapport and they know your medical history, and this is very important.


Whether you have GI concerns or just need a flu shot, they are an amazing resource and health advocate to have.



If you’re used to using urgent care, you are able to walk in at any time, however, you could be waiting for hours to be seen depending on the volume of traffic.


At a family medicine clinic, you have a primary care physician who is invested and wants to treat you so they’re more likely to squeeze you in or call you if there is a cancellation.


Primary care physicians also offer more preventative services and can help people manage chronic diseases.


Health Prevention


Preventing serious health conditions such as type 2 diabetes or heart disease begins early on — the sooner the better. It’s important to live a healthy lifestyle and be invested in early health prevention.  


This includes wellness exams and health screenings that give you your health picture. You can assess with your doctor your blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels, and any other concerns you may be experiencing.


Health Upkeep


A primary care physician is your health ally when it comes to your health maintenance. You have someone on call and in person ready to help you manage your health.


When you begin to see them for some time, based on your medical history and past visits, they can better determine if you’re at risk for diabetes, hypertension, or asthma, and implement more acute care for digestive issues, coughs, and stress.   


Early Detection


Although younger people typically don’t have too much to worry about if you’re relatively healthy and active, a family practitioner is crucial in identifying health conditions early on, when they’re the most treatable.


Catching a disease or chronic illness early not only helps in the treatment, but it may even save you money.


Improved Communication


When you are with a primary care physician, you are more likely to be open and honest about sensitive issues because of the relationship you have built, Thus leading to better care!


There are many reasons why younger people don’t choose a family medicine clinic for care, but it’s important to our care and may even benefit our health!


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