We understand how impersonal medical care has become over the years. We know what it is like to be told to “take-a-number” and to sit and wait to see the family physician for hours. When you finally do get to see the doctor it may take only 5 minutes and you leave, resentful. We know your time is as valuable as theirs.

At Huneycutt Family Medicine, we respect your time and we listen. If you have a simple problem and want to get in and out as fast as possible, we will work with you in that regard. If your health issue is more complicated — perhaps involving multiple health concerns and the need to see various specialists — we will listen, we will address any needs for referral or testing and we will work together to agree upon a treatment plan.

In today’s healthcare market we know the economy is tough. We know many people no longer have health insurance and don’t want unnecessary tests. We know if a generic drug will work as good as a name brand then we will prescribe you the generic. We keep cost in mind not only for you but for your insurance company as well. We understand your health is your greatest asset and often we don’t realize that until we lose it. All of our staff work toward the same goal, that of getting you back to health as quickly as we can and preventing health problems when possible.


We utilize the standard medical model for evaluating health problems in our family medical practice. This may include having medical records from other doctors sent to us to review. A standard physical examination will be done to the extent necessary to evaluate your condition. If laboratory services are needed we can obtain the samples in our clinic and have the results back often times the same day or the following day. For preventative health care such as for a child of age 3, we would like for you to bring a copy of previous immunizations. For an adult it is very helpful if you can bring a list of all medications being taken along with dosages. If you have an extensive health history, keeping a list of surgeries and medical conditions is very helpful as well.

Care Methods

On a daily basis we receive new data from various sources such as the Centers for Disease Control, The American Academy of Family Medicine, The Colorado Academy of Family Medicine, The American Medical Association, The American Academy of Pediatrics and various governmental agencies. This continuous review keeps us up to date on new treatments and practices, as well as recommendations for preventative health care that you will experience in our family practice. If you come in with a specific problem, we like to give you written information about that problem, and how to treat it and prevent it. If your condition requires medications we may write you a prescription or if you prefer, send your prescription to your favorite pharmacy through electronic means where it will be ready when you get there. By utilizing an electronic health record we are able to keep more complete, legible transcripts of your visit. If you present for a surgical procedure we can take a digital picture of before and after and show you on the computer screen how we will accomplish the repair so you will fully understand what we are doing. This is especially valuable for cosmetic procedures.

We have found that we can deliver the best of care if we spend our time in the clinic and not have to spend half the day in the hospital. With this in mind we utilize the hospitalists to care for our patients in the hospital and we coordinate care at time of discharge.

Why Us?

We are family owned and local, and would love to be your Loveland primary care physician! Our reputation is at stake. Your money goes back into the community. It doesn’t matter to us if you have the best insurance in the world or none at all. We will treat you like you are our only patient. We are very proud to serve the nice people of this area and will do our best to earn your trust.