Spoiler: It may have everything to do with your home space!

There has been a reemergence of minimalism in the form of Netflix documentaries featuring Marie Kondo and two former businessmen who saw the light — so before you go around asking if things spark joy, make for a happier and healthy beginning of the new year with some very practical, yet overlooked wellness tips!

At Huneycutt Family Medicine, we are a family medicine clinic in Loveland that focuses on the individual. We aim to treat the whole person and help you address all your wellness goals, physically and emotionally! Learn about wellness tips that don’t top the list of drinking water, washing, your hands, and getting restful sleep, but are just as vital to your well being!

Create a Wellness Sanctuary

If you’ve had a rough start to the new year or you want to cultivate wellness by imparting new habits, create a wellness sanctuary not only supports your health and wellness, it creates a space that you want to be in.

Some people call their piles of stuff organized chaos and they don’t mind living amongst it. And while we’re not here to tell you how you should keep your home, there is a strong link between our mental and physical health and the environment we live in. Everything you’re surrounded by including clutter and the air quality impacts how we’re feeling but building a healthy space doesn’t have to be expensive but can dramatically improve your health and wellness.

Find it in yourself to declutter! Yes, Marie Kondo was on to something! Research has found that an environment free of clutter reduces stress levels and you ultimately end up being more organized and productive in your home space. It’s simple, keep the things you love and donate the rest.

Choose a grounding scent. There is a scent or a combination of scents that bring you home and into your happy place. Incorporate this scent throughout your home — whether it’sTahitian vanilla, sage, incense, or an essential oil diffuser, turn up your grounding scents. It’s amazing what how scents affect our mood and reduce stress — learn more about their benefits here.

Breathe clean air. Did you know that the EPA states that our indoor air quality is oftentimes more harmful than right outside our door? This is because our homes are filled with things that leech harmful chemicals and odors (paint, furniture, household cleaners, artificially scented candles). Unfortunately, if you’re a city dweller, pollution is a part of your everyday life. Breathe cleaner air by investing in an air purifier and incorporate plant life in each room.

Create a space just for you. Whether you’re single, in a partnership, or share a home with a couple of roommates (kids count), create a space that is solely yours — this can be a tiny nook in the corner of your room or even in your office. Carve out some space that centers and brings you in. This space should evoke stress relief and have a calming effect. Put all your favorite things out at this little self-care alter — your favorite succulent, candle, journal, and book and let the anxiety and stress melt away.

Keep your bed just right! Sleep is crucial to your wellness and sometimes it’s our bed that can keep us tossing and turning at night. Is your bed too warm? In the colder months, we tend to layer on all the blankets and this can be cozy and comfy while we’re awake, but the heat can keep us up at night. Get better sleep by using breathable linens such as cotton or linen and turn the heat in your home at night.

Health and wellness, like you, is multifaceted — it takes more than just vitamin C and healthy eating to encompass a well-rounded wellbeing.

When you partner with us, you not only have a family medicine clinic, you have a health wellness center. So, schedule an appointment with us today!

Here’s to your good health!