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Huneycutt Family Medicine in Loveland is the place where you can feel comfortable bringing the whole family. From simple well patient exams and sports physicals to small procedures and treatment of common health issues such as ear infections and strep throat, we’re here to support you.

A well patient exam is an annual appointment you can schedule in our Loveland office that is a basic physical exam to explore your health and get a snapshot of where it’s at.


Communication is one of the most vital pieces of your relationship with your PCP. It allows you to speak candidly about your health and carves out time with your doctor that doesn’t feel rushed.  

Preventative Health 

The purpose of a well patient exam is to screen for diseases, assess any health risks, and discuss ways in which to improve a healthier lifestyle. From exercise to sun exposure, there are many ways a doctor can encourage healthy living that you may not even think of. 

Reduced Risk of Misdiagnoses

When you are able to schedule an annual well patient exam, not only is there a record of health tests, but also notes and documentation your doctor makes. This helps reduce the risk of missing an early diagnosis as well as a reduced risk of misdiagnosis.   

Updated Vaccinations

Not only can you schedule an appointment and talk about your health, but it’s also a great time to update your vaccinations. 

Wellness Exams at Huneycutt Family Medicine in Loveland

Well patient exams are integral to your health — both you and your primary care physician can maintain a relationship that is important in your health and wellness journey, and better support you in illness. 

Routine exams create a great space for dialogue to address your health. You can discuss lifestyle behaviors like smoking and drinking, and any concerns or changes in your health.

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