When Your Cut Requires Laceration Repair, Huneycutt Family Medicine Has You Covered…

From chopping up veggies to running and falling on something sharp or dirty, deep cuts and wounds need the attention of your local Loveland primary care physician at Huneycutt Family Medicine. 

When Wounds Go Untreated

With most cuts and wounds, they can heal on their own with a little time and TLC, but it’s when they can’t, that complications can emerge. 


Possible complications that may require laceration repair include:


  • Uncontrolled bleeding
  • Initial stages of infection (expanding redness, pus, tenderness, increased swelling, etc.) 
  • Poor wound closure


Why Is It Important To See Your Doctor For Laceration Repair?

If your cut becomes more than just a superficial wound — and you’ll know — it’s vital to schedule an appointment for laceration care and repair. The PCP’s at Huneycutt Family Medicine in Loveland can most likely see you the same day to assess and treat your wound. 


This may include a deep cleaning or debridement procedure (removing dirt and debris) and closing the wound if it’s too deep and unable to heal on its own — this is especially true in high-stress areas such as hands, feet, and joints. 


There are several options in laceration repair and they include:


  • Skin glue
  • Stitches
  • Skin closure strips
  • Staples


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Wound care and repair are vital, so if it’s deeper than a nick, you should have it evaluated at our Loveland doctor’s office. Avoid infection and restore function to the tissue with laceration repair at Huneycutt Family Medicine. 


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